Before coming to the desert ,i felt very happy because i am gng to see a new place that never saw before. iam very much excited about the journey.but when i came here i saw the world with full of silent,dryness,and the soil is completely devoid  of is not only dry but also very hot and soft.i saw nothing except the hot sand,sand,sand.............nthng except that.i am very thisty due to heavy hot at the time but i could find a tree. there ntng aat all except cactus,camels

there i came to have a little water through a women who came with her husband on the camel after a long time. I was shocked how people and animals of the desert adapt themselves to scarce water conditions. I had never imagined that the desert life is so hard and challenging.

when we returned to our place the dreadful silent in desert lasted as a unforgotable experience in my life
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