Steps for a healthy societyOrganize health camps regularlyInvite specialists to educate people about diseasesDistribute health educational pamphlet Talks and informative films will help spread the messageProvide health cards to maintain records of visits, vaccinations and doctors remarksAs a social leader committed to health, make sure that people visit health camps and vaccination centers on special vaccination days.
Work in groups and explain the importance of simple hygiene methods for a clean and healthy body and environment.
Colorful banners and posters related to health can make the awareness more interesting and attract more people to the campaign. 
The role of a social leader in the field of health also involves some very basic tasks. Good health needs a good diet and wholesome nutrition. Spreading awareness about clean drinking water and healthy food is also a requirement. People need to be educated about the fact that nutrition and exercise is cheaper than medicine and cure. Hygienically cooked meals that include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins are a must to stay fit.  Today the “Swach Bharat” Mission is aimed at cleanliness and health.