"You observe that many of the student in your class and school throw/discard their books and notebooks without any consideration after the final examination. Some of these books and notebooks are in rather good condition and can be used by anyone." Discuss with your partner



we can give the books to the poor students. and if we can reuse them it would be very helpful to parents. .
our parents and teachers would be helpful because they will discuss this matter with their friends and may convice their children to take those books.
the people think of the idea:-they may be inspired or they may think it would be useless by taking teared books.
profit for parents:- yes. because some parents may feel that they could save money by taking these books collecting or spreading the information
.help from friends:-
 they may give the books within their relations or ask books within their relations.. by making them to know about the advantages of this
. use by doing this:-.save trees/ protect environment

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if soo good otherwise fate
yours will be marked as the best..
and i know that
I think it's better
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Throwing or discarding the books and notebooks after the final examination is not a good habit.The best way to utilize them is that you can give your old books to someone needy like donating in an orphanage or a school running for poor children only as this can help them a lot as many of them are not able to afford the study material.so u can suggest the same to your other friends also.

hope this helps u...
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