The elder need care:-
it isĀ  my privillage that i got an opportunity to stand before you all on this occation
we,as the youngsters of this generation have to takecare of our elders .our elders,mostly we dont need to take care of other but we have to takecare of elders of our homes. elders of our homes ,who are considered as our granny,and grandpa should be their days they did a lot for the family as well as for the society .their service to the family and to society is not a ordinary one.we have to recognise it .they made us to grow with enough streath ,enough money,enough education,enough love,they led us to success all we can give in return is only by showing a little bit of care and love

so i'm leaving the stage requesting everyone to show love and care to our elders ..!! thanku for giving this wonderful opportunity
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