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Fashion refers to the manner of doing something. Fashion also denotes style, a dress and hair and dealings with others. Among students, the word primarily conveys the sense with regard to ‘dress and hair styles.’ These days, students devote more time to fashions than to studies. Educational institutions and, particularly colleges, present the picture of film studios. As soon as a boy or a girl joins a college, there occurs a marvelous change in him or her. Simplicity takes wings and there comes ostentation in its place. Their gait is changed; their way of conversation assumes a different modulation and their behaviour gets stricken with artificiality. even there attitude also changes... In crude terms fashion is a style of living. There are aristocratic fashions, film-style fashions, peasant class fashions and a kind of fashion known as maverick fashion. Naturally it is related to dress and manners. But manners imply something deeper than fashions. Because fashion is comparatively superficial, and changes with the winds of change in certain races and people.
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Fashion means to learn manners. but now a days fashion denotes style of dress and hair. these days students devote more in fashion than studies. as soon as boy or a girl  joins a college there occurs a marvellous change in him or her.their behaviour becomes artificial.
generally the students are forgetting their simplicity. styles are blindly followed by the students in the race of fashions. girls have not legged behind. rather they have gone 1 step ahead than boys. their dresses have become short and tight which are not easy to wear and not comfortable. they can not sit and run properly. 
the styles of actor or actress in new movies promote fashion among students. the theme of movies may be worthless .our society does not allow us to follow certain things because these are very harmful for our career and success . so we should avoid this fashions, the students should have totally attention and focus for their education.
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