You come across cases of theft of money in your class and find it sad that some students pick money from their classmates bags and boxes. Discuss with your partner .1 what other problems do you think this could cause .2 what should your reaction be.3 how should other students react to something like this.4 what could tell your parents about this. 5 how would you help your friend whose money has been stolen 6. Why do you think your friend keep quite .7 how will you change the response of the others two such children. 8 who else do you think can help you solve this problem

Please gives answer and discussion
What other problems do you think this could cause 
please give us answer and discussion
Cases of theft of money in your class 



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This is an ASL prompt for speaking in class 10. You can say the following lines or something similar in your discussion for the prompt:
Candidate A: Hey, do you know our friend, Manisha's(You can change the name) 500 rupees have been nicked. She had brought it to buy a few stationery articles from the school shop!Candidate B: Don't tell me there is another theft in our class! How can you be so sure it is stealing. She might have dropped the money somewhere from her pocket!? Candidate A:  Nope, she confided to me it was in her satchel's pocket. It is really giving our class a bad name. It is the fifth incident this month. We are going to be notorious as 'class of thieves'! Candidate B: Hey tell me one thing. Why did the other students not complain to madam?Candidate A: Because they were not sure. They thought they had dropped it! Can there be so many similar dropping cases? Why don't you understand? We must do something. I think we need to talk to our classmates and class teachers.Candidate B: I smell something fishy too. Yes, we must. Think of the poor victims. What an inconvenience and loss they must have felt! Such incidents might encourage other students to indulge in more such acts of pinching. Candidate A: I have an idea to check such incidents. We can volunteer ourselves as watchmen for the recess. Most of the nicking instances have been reported after the break. We can stand as guards in the class during the break.Candidate B: Very bright! We can also request the principal through our class teachers to have a CCTV camera installed in our class. The very presence of the camera will discourage the delinquent students.Candidate A: Do you suspect anyone in particular as to who could have nicked her money?Candidate B: No, I can't. How can I? We need to catch the culprit red-handed!Candidate A: OK, let's go our class teacher and give her the news!
Candidate B: But let's go to Manisha first to be with her. I have some money with me. I will give to her in case she needs it. We will also take her to the madam along with us. She can give first hand account of the incident to the madam. If required, we will go to the Principal's office.
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