Science is the knowledge  about the earth, surroundings and environment and the living beings involved. Science offers new information and revelations of many things we do not know. day by day, science is progressing. Now science has helped man reach the moon, which was once unknown to man as a satellite. Every invention in technology or medical techniques is based on scince and scientific research. This has helped in progress related to detection of disesses and treatment also. Hence science will certainly lead to a better future for mankind. 
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The natural gradual evolution in the human beings has stopped with the arrival of modern man. With the help of science and technology, Man has been making his own conscious evolution exponentially. With the possible reconciliation of General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics, he may arrive at the Truth of not only the 'how' but also the 'why' of the Existence. With the universal improvement of human EQs and EQs, one rational world-state may come into being ensuring optimal happiness and ideal autonomy to all its citizens with just and fair of share of not only every resource and amenity needed, but also of physical and mental health based on eugenics and ubiquitous eco-friendly environs. In conceivable future, wars and diseases might be things of the past, if science and technology are made use of with wisdom.
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