Environment is the most important thing to us ithin the overall biosphere, or ecosystem, there are smaller ecosystems like the rainforests, marine ecosystems, the desert and the tundra. When any of these systems are off kilter, it impacts the entire planet. All of the  environment problems that exist have far-reaching implications for the health of our planet and its inhabitants. For example, global warming causes a rise in sea levels which effects marine life. The rising sea levels also cause land erosion which harms the habitats of animals living by the coast. Global warming also melts polar caps and leads to arctic shrinking. This endangers the polar bears and other arctic wildlife. Since the icecaps are made of fresh water, they will throw off the saline levels in the ocean which will affect ocean currents. Furthermore, the ice caps reflect light. As they disappear the Earth will get darker and absorb more heat increasing the Earth's temperature.
save envi,save world
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good morning every one I am ________ standing before you to deliver a speech on my topic environment. environment is nothing but the world around us. we the human beings are depending for our needs and even for our greed we are destroying it. the environment is a beautiful place to be and even it is providing a shelter for us the humans and all other organisms also. the environmental conditions are now-a-days changing a lot because of the works done by us the human beings. we the human beings are destroying the environment. we are causing pollution and this is again depleting the ozone layer and because of this in turn there is a global warming which is making a lot of disturbances for all the living organisms including humans and all. the environment is being destroyed but we have to take care of it much because we are only destroying it. now I conclude that environment is the nothing but the world around us and we have to try to save it as much as we can.
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