Combine each of the following sentences without using and,but or so:
1) You are very ill. You have to see a doctor.
2) Mona spoke very softly. I could not hear her.
3) Uma reached the town hall. We were to meet there.
4) It rained heavily. We could not play football.



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1. you are very ill and have to see a doctor
2. Mona spoke very softly so I couldn't hear her.
3.  Uma reached the town mall and we were to meet there
4. It rained heavily, so we could not play football.

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we could not play football as it rained heavily
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You are very ill because of which you have to see a doctor
Mona spoke very softly due to which I could not hear her.
Uma reached the town hall because we were to meet there.
It rained heavily due to which we could not play football.
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They are not correct answers. We are to use without using and, but or so