Hello, I am Jojo the potato. Right now i am in the field. The scenery of the field is very and very beautiful. Its 5 in the morning. Today I am a ready, a big potato. I am sure that the farmer who always take out the potatoes will be coming. Some of my friends are also ready to go to the groccery. Oh!, see the farmer is coming.(after the farmer has taken out all the potatoes) Now, I am in the truck who will take me and my friends to the groccery. ( Jojo in astonishment) What happened? Oh! god the tyre of the truck is puntured.( after a long time)
Thank god ,now we have started are journey again. Wow! what a greenery is there in the hills.( in happiness) Hurrah! we are in the groccery. Now, we will be seperated to different shops.( after the seperation) Now I am in the shop of "Ramu Sabzi Wala". So many customers are coming.( a lady coming near the potato corner) I hope she would take me to her bag.( in happiness) Yippee! I am purchased. ( lady taking her bag of potatoes to her car)
Now, I am in the car of this lady. She is taking me to her house. ( in astonishment) Why she has turned her car to the school. ( children running out of the school) Okay, she has 2 children, a girl and a boy. ( children entering to the car and going home) Now I am going to the house of the lady.( lady stopping her car) I think the house has came. Let me see.....yes I am in garage of her home. ( lady taking the bag to kitchen) Now I am in the kitchen.( lady cutting potatoes and putting them to the fryer. Now i am also cutted and is frying.
                                                THE END
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