For each of the sentence below, write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence, using the words given in the bracket:

example: He is obvious out to make his fortune.(interested)
ans: He is obviously interested in making his fortune.

1) If you water these plants, they will not wither.(unless)
2) He became popular by virtue of his courtesy.(because)
3)Apparently, it is a good proposal.(appear)
4)You can come with us for the picnic provided your father permits you.(unless)
5)He pleaded that he was ignorant of law.(ignorance)
6)We organised a function to raise funds for the school.(so that)
7)He has lived here since the day he was born.(life)
8)They demanded to know what had happened.(insist)



If you unless water these plants.they will not wither.
Apparently,It is appear a good proposal.
where  r answers for the questions????
I need answers for other questions too.........plz
3)He became popular because of virtue of his countrey.4) you can come with us for the picnic unless your father permits you.5) He pleaded that he was ignorance of law.6) we organised function so that to raise the funds of the school.7)  he has lived life since the day he was born.8) They demanded  to know what insist happened.