Asl in class 10 problem solving- you see a lot of people in your locality dumping garbage and other little in one of the empty plots in the area , this leads to a serious condition of flies, bacteria & other germs. Moreover stray animals like cows,dogs also worsen the situation and the place has turned into a mess. Discuss with our partner.



I see a lots of people in my area and other places they do not throw garbage in the dustbin . They creates lots of problem in their area they come deases in area like- malaria fever and lots of disease. People who eat food in the trains and walking in the road they throw garbage in the road that may create lots of problem . Animals like- cows.buffalos.etc eat the garbage and it is very dangerous for her. They cause cancer and many diseases. And many flies like butterfly.coachroch.bittles and insect come in the area and cause many diseases and harmful for environment. Some people throw garbage in the plots and waste water threw in the plots that birth lots of dangerous mosquito and houseflies. So do not throw garbage in the road or in the plots.
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