In the last few lessons, you have been reading about the history of our civilization starting from the Pre-historic Age till the modern period. You have travelled down to this lesson on India’s Freedom Movement. Don’t you think it was a very interesting journey? You read how people lived in jungles, used crude stones to protect themselves, and got food by killing animals. You also read about the Bronze Age when metals were discovered and were used for cutting down small forests and also how its use made life more comfortable. This led us to the Iron Age and the beginning of Industrialization. You read how as society grew, some people became more powerful than the others. You also read how money and land became a source of greed for powerful nations. This led to protest and resistance against states and nations who tried to control the others by exploiting the natural and human resources and by ruling over them ruthlessly. One of these states happened to be our own county India. You shall read about India’s long struggle for freedom