I think Bahadur shah zafar had 22 sons.
He has 22 sons including: Mirza Dara Bakht Miran Shah(1790–1849) Mirza Shah Rukh Mirza Fath-ul-Mulk Bahadur[13] (alias Mirza Fakhru) (1816–1856) Mirza Mughal (1817– 22 September 1857) Mirza Khizr Sultan (1834– 22 September 1857) Mirza Abu Bakr (1837 to 1857) Mirza Jawan Bakht (1841 to 1884) Mirza Quaish Mirza Shah Abbas (1845–1910) He had at least thirty two daughters including: Rabeya Begum Begum Fatima Sultan Kulsum Zamani Begum Raunaq Zamani Begum (possibly a granddaughter, died 30 April 1930)
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