rural social structure of Indian villages that is unique and maintains a separate culture of their own, away from urban societies. Though the influence of urban areas is felt on rural areas, there are some specific aspects, which occupy a significant place in the rural society.Some of them are caste, kinship, family, marriage, religion, economy and polity. Found in urban societies as well, these institutions are very rigid in their func­tioning in the rural society. For instance, the institution of family found in urban India is completely different from rural. The family in the village community has a greater importance.If a member of a family defaults in paying his loan installments in a coop­erative bank, it brings great defamation to the whole family. It is very difficult for an individual to isolate himself from the family. The existence of individualism is marginal in the village. It is this perspective, which differentiates village institutions from urban institutions.The rural social structure includes all these aspects in social, economic and political institutions. Thus, a rural community is a separate entity on its own. A correct idea about the rural social structure comes with an understanding of the characteristics of rural community.
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