My native place is Nayanpur. It is a small suburban town in the district of Nainital in Uttaranchal. We have a paternal house there. I live in it with my parents and my sister. I was born in Nayanpur. In my seven year's life I had no occasion to go out of our town. My school, my friends and some of our class relations are all here.

My grandfather was a famous physician in the locality. So our family is known to many of the old residents of the town. Our family is invariably invited on all important social functions, whether private or public.

There is a market, a cinema hall, a large playground and a railway station.

There are buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, etc. for transport. There is also a charitable dispensary which is run by the municipality. The road condition and sanitary system are quite good.

In the market, one can get all sorts of consumer goods including clothes, shoes, stationery goods, etc. on various shops and stalls. The cinema hall shows good films, whether they are in Hindi, English or in regional languages. In the playground, football and cricket matches are frequently held between the local teams. We live happily in our native place which is our dear universe.

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