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Ratan was in goa on a school trip. The teacher asked everyone to play and remain on the seashore. Ratan and her classmates groaned at this directive given by their teacher but they finally agreed to stay on the shore, but not Ratan. “What fun is it to come all the way to the glorious beaches of Goa just to play on the seashore? Look how appealing the blue waters are! I just feel like I must take a plunge at all costs!” she told her friend Payal. “But you heard what the teacher said, we aren’t supposed to go there! Believe me, if she had said yes, I would have been the first person to dive in”, Payal replied. “Oh come on! Why does our school have swimming classes if they don’t want us to swim? Look at all the fun the other people are having. You know what, I’m going down there no matter what!” Ratan exclaimed. “Don’t be stupid. There’s a limit even for idiocy”. Warned Payal “What if you get into some trouble? And our teacher will kill us if she finds out.” “Only if she finds out”, Ratan answered with a sly smile. She got up from the shore when her teacher’s back was turned and slowly edged towards the glorious blue sea ignoring Payal’s warning shouts. She reached the edges of the sea where the waves rolled up and tickled her bare feet. She began to walk further in but before she could make it another ten metres………she was hit by a lunatic fast driving a water scooter, and was pushed into the waters. The waters didn’t seem so glorious anymore as she struggled to catch her breath under them. Fortunately some onlookers grabbed her and brought her to the surface and began dragging her to the shore. Her face was bleeding where the scooter had hit her. As she was half dragged-half carried in a semi conscious state to the shore to face her teacher’s telling off and Payal’s ‘I told you so look’, the warm white sands of the beach now seemed so glorious and inviting.
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