In male :-
   - a pair of testes is located inside scrotum situated outside the abdominal cavity.
   - it is meant to keep relatively a low temperature must be less than from  2^{o} our body temperature needed for the production of sperm .
  - vas deference is a long tube which transport sperm to penis .
   - the sperm along with prostate gland and seminal vesicle , together constitute semen , which is released and made to enter into female genital tract during copulation .
  - semen is basic in nature .
  - semen consist or made up of fructose for sperm .
  -sperm is highly motile flagellated germ cell carrying genetic material from male individual .

In female :-
   - the female germ cell ova originate in ovaries .
   - the ova is carried from ovary to womb through fallopian tube to uterus .
   - the process of  fertilization , implantation and  gestation are done consecutively .
  -  may implantation is not done then menstruation occurs at a frequency of almost 28th day .