You see a lot of handbills and poster sticking on public property like overbridges,traffic light posts and wall as election are round the corner. This spoils the beauty of your city and looks unpleasant.

what problem do you think this could couse
what should your reactons be
how should you solve the problem
how could you like to explain the mather with freands


first of all i will tear those posters and will write " no stick bills' and i will take the matter to press which plays a crusius role in society. i will seek help from my friends to support my view by making them to know the deffects caused by it . then i will bring awarness to the people
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We can launch a campaign about stopping bills to be stuck on public property.In this campaign we can all create awareness in our society about no sticking bills .We can also hand around posters about this campaign and whenever anybody sticks any bills we should tear it if we anyone doing so we can stop them.