yes our forefathers had to fight for a life, travelling through dense forests, hunting, forging, we on the other side have a luxurious life with all comfort due to the hard work of our fore fathers. We are slaves of technology, where as our fore fathers were free. But due to this technology, we receive good society, a well ventilated house, every days bread and butter, a computer, led TV, what not and all the luxury name it. Our forefathers had to work for their daily bread, work for british, get paid lowly. It suggests we have a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better life than those of our forefathers!

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We are all surrounded by science and objects of technology.When we click on a switch a instantly we are receiving cool air from A.C. or when we switch on a button the room gets flooded with light.Our forefathers had to do a lot of jobs to obtain such things.So our life leads better than our forefathers.