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What do you think about adolescence? Are you going through it yourself? Then you probably have some things to say about it, if you just get started. Just make a list of some things that you notice about being an adolescent. Fill your list up with every idea that pops into your head, even if you don't think all of them are smart or useful for your speech, just focus on making a nice long list of ideas about the topic. 

Then, organize your list. Put a star by all the things that you see as positive. Put an x by all the things you see as negative. Strike through ideas you don't want to use. 

Then, think about a structure for your speech. Maybe you want to talk about good things, and then bad things, or vice versa. Maybe you want to be all positive or all negative. 

If it were my speech, I would make it a little personal. I would start out with the idea that adolescence is a difficult time in life, when people go through a lot of changes. I would describe the things I liked the least about it, ways that I felt limited during that time in my life. I would limit those bad things to no more than 3-5 points. Then I would talk about how those bad things are balanced by several good things. I am an optimist, so I usually try to think of more good than bad about life, and to leave conversations on a positive note. So, I would try to have at least as many, and maybe up to twice as many good things about adolescence as bad things. I would tie it together by talking about how even the difficult things about being an adolescent help to shape the people that we become as we grow up, so that those are really good things, too. 

One minute? That is like 120-180 words, depending on how fast you talk. Don't make it too long so that you rush. Make yourself slow down and speak slowly enough that your ideas can impact your listeners, so they have a chance to absorb what you are saying. Just slowing down your delivery rather than rushing through it can make a big difference in how your speech is received, even if isn't the best speech you ever write. That will make you seem calm and confident, even if you don't feel that way.
Source(s):I've given a lot of speeches and presentations in my life!
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