Your friend has not done as well as she expected
to do in her exams. She is upset and now blames
the teacher for her performance. Discuss with
your partner what would you do
• to help her get over her disappointment and
to move forward, and
• to help her think about ways to improve her
grades in future, and not blame others.



Sometimes due to family problems children gets disturbed in their studies. If such thing has happened with your friend then u can tell her to do better in other exams. because only with one exam we cannot go ahead because there are many comes in our life. give her example of scientist Einstein who has failed
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u can tell to not 2 think about that exam
Actually both the options are good and valuable as if the friend did not score good marks and one way to solve it ask the teacher where she had made the mistake and how she/he can improve it. and you can also get over her disappointment and help her by organizing study groups and comforting her..

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