A friend is like the best gift that we ever get from anyone. A friend is someone with whom you can share your feelings, your love for them. A friend in need in deed. Without a friend our life may be incomplete. A true friend always guides us in the correct way. With your friend you can share your beSt moments in life. A true friend is one soul in twork bodies. But yaa in friendship never break each others trust. Because the thing that breaks and never be joined again is trust. A good friend is hard to find hard to lose and impossible to forget. Friend always have good friends keep smiling ☺
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A friend is one who really wants us. a friend is one who makes us laugh in his presence and who makes us cry in his absence . a friend is a Shadow who will also form in  nights. a friend is like a morning dew who refreash us and our soal. his's company should be considered and claimed with out doubt..he understands your cry behind u r smile.their relation doesn't need daily conversation and always need to walk together they just need u r true love.they always belive in you,care you.he gives you hope and strength when you are low.he is honest .he is true. he makes u laugh when u cry.his relation need understanding not agreement.his relation is symbol of forgivness not forgetness. his relation is a memory last even his contact is lost
real eyes realize real lies and those eyes are except then a true friends's. he think u r a good egg even when u r half cracked.he brings out the talent in you
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