Good Morning to one and all
I am here in front of you all to speak on a topic ADVENTURE.
I think most of us all feel something to be missing everyday. What would that be?
mm We get everything as easily it can be. We do things simply as they are done normally.
Most of the people think that adventure means to go somewhere far ,to face some adversities in our way and to have escape a great danger.
But according to me adventure can be experienced any where
Adventure is nothing but to try something new and different adventure is having a thing differently
adventures are necessary to reveal our capability
our potential to the world around us
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A warm goodmorning to all. As I got this oppurtunity to present a speech before you all I would like to speech over adventure. Adventure should be done by everyone. Even one of you. When we are doing something without fear which is done by others by afraidness, it is called adventure. I am concluding my speech. THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY.