eg.- Sector 13 Model townPanipat Haryana (132103)

(DATE) eg.- 15th January 2016

Dear (Friend's name)

(CONTENT) First of all ask how's he and then give him the invitation eg.- How are you? Hope you would be fine and well, we are also sailing in the same boat here. What about your younger sister and family? I heard that you got 1st position in your sports athletic meet, that's great! Congratulations!!I have a good news for you, my birthday is on 20th January and you are kindly invited to it. It would really be nice to meet after such a long time, we'll enjoy a lot and this time I have arranged special fun- filled games. The details for the program are given below :-

Date : 20th January 2016

Venue : My home - Sector 13 Model townPanipat Haryana (132103)

Time : 6.30 p.m

Dress code : any blue coloured dress

You have to surely come and I want no excuses! Say hello to uncle and aunty and take care.

Your friend

(your name)

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Next line on the left hand side write "My dear" your friend's name.
Next line write the body
It seems to be an age we meet.I wonder if you would be free on (write the date of your birthday say for eg:16th January) to join my birthday party.Last year you could not came and we know how I missed you.I had invited some of my friends and they assured me that they are coming.My cousin and my relatives too are coming.So please don't disappoint me this time.With this letter I am enclosing a letter for my mother for you.She also would be very happy if you can come.
With my love and best wishes.
Your loving friend
(Your name)