soil erosion does not directly affect the people but affect them indirectly as, soil erosion can make the soil sloppy and that part of land loses fertility which can affect the farmers as they no longer can grow crops. soil erosion bring in deserts which causes scarcity of water which is essential for the survival of human beings.
In countries where most inhabitants live in poverty, like most of Central America and some in South America, erosion plays an important role in human lives. A lot of towns or small villages are built on mountain slopes or near slopes. During the rainy season, for example, those slopes erode due to the action of the water causing the bare soils (deforested to construct houses) to cave killing most if not all of the villagers. Sometimes it happens in the big cities too, where poor people build their houses at the periphery of the big cities around slopes. They are the ones that suffer the most due to erosion. Also, deforestation lives naked soils that are prone to wind and water erosion. Because the rate of human-induced water and wind erosion can greatly exceed natural rates of soil formation and erosion,the soil may become depleted and severely affect crop production. Maintaining soil productivity for sustainable food production is an ongoing challenge for farmers, agricultural and environmental professionals, and governments worldwide ...hope this is helpful..plz mark as brainliest...