Law of conservation of mass because the total mass on right hand side is equal to the left hand side therefore the mass is conserved
sorry i didnt get it at all
see its very simple :
fe+H2o - Fe2O3 +H2
just sum up the mass of left hand side and compare it to the sum of right hand side
they would be equal
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The law of conservation of mass states that there is no gain or loss in mass of a system when there is a reaction.According to law of conservation of mass
Sum of reactants = Sum of products
 Reactant Side
Mass of Fe = 168g
Mass of H₂O = 72 g
Sum of reactants = 240g
 Product Side
Mass of Fe₃O₄ = 232g
Mass of H₂ = 8g
Sum of products = 240g

Thus the law used in the formula is law of conservation of mass.
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