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The molecules of spirit that is kept in petri dish, continuouslymove with random speeds in various directions. As a result these moleculescollide with other molecules.During the collision they transfer energy to other molecules. Whenthe molecules inside the liquid collide with molecules at the surface, themolecules at the surface acquire energy and may fly off from the surface.Some of these escaping molecules may be directed back into liquidwhen they collide with the particles of air. If the number of escapingmolecules is greater than the number returned, then the number ofmolecules in the liquid decreases. Thus when a liquid is exposed to air, themolecules at the surface keep on escaping from the surface till the entireliquid disappears into air. This process is called evaporation. if my answer helps plz mark it as brainliest
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Spirit is a highly volatile substance(Liquid). When it is exposed to air or room temperature, it evaporates quickly, converting into gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. The process involved is Sublimation.

The process by which a substance gets converted into gaseous state directly from solid state without passing through liquid state is known as sublimation