Your friend is good at english ,history and geography .however, his parents feels he should continue to pursue science and become a doctor, even though he is not very good at science. discuss with your partner -
1. what your friend can do convince his parents?
2. what career options he could pursue?

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He should do what he wants to do. try to explain his parents .
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1. he must explain his parents that he would like to pursue career in the option which he'd like to  opt otherwise forcing him to opt for science will only make his studies more worse.
He must talk about this to his teacher and ask suggestion from his teacher.
he can ask his teacher to convince his parents about his interest.
opting for something forcefully and without any interest will curb the students talent and will affect his studies very badly.

2. he must go for the one which he feels good and which he is capable of. so i feel he should continue with arts as his career option. 

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