Respected Sir,
 I request you to publish the following few line in one of the columns of your esteemed newspaper. For her growth and development, India needs complete peace and communal harmony. However, communal riots have increased greatly as in my locality recently there was a quarrel between two small boys of our area over a trivial matter. The two belonged to different communities, the people who gathered there gave it a communal twist and within no time the two communities started indulging in brick-batting and throwing various missiles at each other. However, the timely arrival of the police prevented the incident from taking an ugly turn.We, as law-abiding citizens should not forget that India is trying to pull herself out of the quagmire of poverty, disease, unemployment etc. India needs people's participation, which can be possible only if there is perfect communal harmony. Our political leaders should go to their areas and preach strongly for communal harmony and feeling of brotherhood. A strong political movement should be set afoot to make the people of different communities aware of the fact that India can progress only if all human beings learn to live peacefully with each other.
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