14th july, laksmi                                                                                                                      estate,20th lane
                                                                                                   gandhinagar, gujarat-                                                                                                          800012
Dear grandma,    

how are you? i heard from mummy  that you were not well. are you okay now? i am missing you a lot though i have so much fun at my hostel with my friends. My friends are really helpful and are really friendly. our hostel is maintained nicely and we all sleep on bunk beds which is really amazing. Our teachers are also really nice and helpful. our school is huge and it looks fantastic and our rooms are really big. that's all about my school. i want u to reply to this letter.
I am waiting for your response and tell mum and dad my hiii's and hello's.

yours dearly,
(whatever your name is)

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hey i dont know on which side does the salutation part comes. just check on that part
ur welcome