You can make your school a happy place by following:-

1.Being a good role modals to juniors
2.Keep your class neat and clean
3.Do not fight with anyone or with your classmates
4.Following rules
5.Obeying and respecting others in class or outside
6.Do not bully
7.Helping others when they need help
8.Staying together in one place with peace
9.Do not abuse or hurt others feelings
10.Being a kind person to other

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You can make up your school happy by:          1.requesting your friends by teaching that you should not play inside the corridor while there is any metting between the teachers.                   not run in the classroom.                                                             3.respect your teachers  and the monitor of your class and school.      not behave rubbish in the class.                                                       not play inside the class un nessesrly
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