A car accelerates from 12 m/s to 25 m/s in 6.0 seconds.  What is its acceleration?  How far did it travel in this time?  Assume constant acceleration.        To begin, we can notice that the initial velocity of the car is not 0 m/s but is 12 m/s, and then accelerates to 25 m/s.  The total time is 6 seconds.        -The change in velocity is just the difference in the two velocities.  So the difference between 12 m/s and 25 m/s can be calculated as:                                                        25 m/s -12 m/s = 13 m/s        -This means that the car used an unknown acceleration to increase its velocity by 13 m/s.        -Acceleration is calculated by the formula: aav = Dv/Dt, so we can put the numbers in and get this:                                                        a= (13 m/s) / (6 sec)                                                Its acceleration is a= 2.2 m/s/s        -To find how far it went in this time, we can use the formula v2=u2 + 2as, where v is the final velocity, u is the initial velocity, a is the acceleration and s is the distance.  Now put the numbers in:                                                        (25 m/s)2= (12 m/s)2 + 2(2.2 m/s/s) s                                                        481= 2(2.2) s                                                        s= 1.1x102 m
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   s= 1.1x102 m

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