IN A CLASS of 50 students following is the distribution of the 2nd language opted by the students : sanskrit - 14 , japanese - 08 , french - 12 , urdu - 6 and rest of them opted for german, a student is selected at random. Find the probability that the student (a) opted for french (b) does not opt for japanese (c) either opt for sanskrit or german ? ( PLS GIVE ANS URGENTLY, SIR WITH DETAILED EXPLANATION)




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Given there are 50 students ,
so for probabitlity we do
a) opted a french= 12/50=0.24=24/100[if want solve]

b)doesn't japanease means except japanease
so 50-8=42
probability is 42/50=0.84=84/100 [ if want solve]
c) either sanskrit or geman means except sansrit and german
first we have to find german=?
so, 40-50=10
german = 10
now sanskrit+german+14+10=24
so given either sansrit or german so 24-50=26
probability=26/50=0.52=52/100[if want solve]
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