The concentration of media content into the hands of few global giants, is a grim situation for the nation-states altogether. We may be making merry over the world having become a global village in terms of the information flow but the situation is fraught with dangerous consequences for the cultural authenticity, political sovereignty and, above all, democratic rights of citizens to have access to diverse sources of information.
Evolution and Development of SAARC Media  Precious little was done at regional forum’s level in this regard. The communication, cultural or media integration of the region took a back seat as the heads of Government or State were either pre occupied with the massive political agenda at their tables to decide or were possibly unaware of the potentiality of the issue. It was not before December 19, 1996 when the Information Ministers of seven countries sat, for the first time, and deliberated upon the media issues confronting the region.  But a decade earlier, the forum decided to start a monthly, half an hour documentary formatted television programme under the SAARC Audio Visual Exchange.