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Todays topic "education of girl child is not a burden" reflect about the changing times in our society and is very interesting to speak about.

over the ages women were confined to kitchen work and men in office.but now the times are changed women need to be educated,they should be given equal opportunities with respect to men.

it is said the upcoming girls who turn out to be women are the back bone of a families development.if that women is uneducated then when will a family grow.

education of a girl starts only when she is respected.yes when a girl is respected then her education is obvious. so society need to learn respecting a women.
 at this outset i want to recollect kalpana chawla who is regarded as the first indian women astronaut who have been to space.that high peak is possible only when a girl is educated.

so i conclude saying that educating a girl is educating a society,educating a society is educating a country,educating a country is the ultimate development of the country..
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Nice  speech sushanth!!
i think this was the one u told in ur Orals in 9 std!??
yes siddi sruthi
I remember...!! I have ur speech in my personal diary..!!
yeah i knew it