I Saw Butterflies Drinking Rain

I Saw Butterflies Drinking Rain As a kid, I raced to climb a tree with joyful spring in my steps. With sweetest youthful life in me like wonders from ocean depths. Loving sunshine and chasing bees bold was my adventurous play. Mysteries lurking in the tall trees new treasure found every day. I saw butterflies drinking rain red hawk flying in the air. Images stored in my young brain life was sweet and so fair! Nature taking me into its fold sent wildlife to show me how. To touch wisdom before being old start truly loving life now. Crossing streams, leaping stones such pleasures came my way. Careful to not break tender bones kneel down and softly pray. Skies of blue gracing my flights with cheer in the clouds. Life was loving these fine sights gladly avoiding city crowds! Home is food and safety for me mother and father so true. Finding treasure upon open seas could never compare to you! R.J. Lindley April 25TH, 1970 NOTE- I WAS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD WHEN I WROTE THIS ONE. Found today while searching old poems, had forgotten it was even there.