Children nowadays are really busy because of the workload given to them
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Yes, it's true that school put a lot of pressure on kids. School children are always seen carrying a huge bag of books and notebooks along with them. Though it's a class 1st kid or a class 10th kid, all have huge burden of studies. Nowadays everyone wants to come first and no body wants to be the last. Every body just talks of marks and syllabus irrespective of learning things in a better and appropriate way. Children always want to score higher and higher. Even the parents also want their children to be amongst the toppers. For that they spend thousands rupees on their children studies and on their better living conditions so that they can study in better and efficient way. This increases among students a spirit of competition and they sometimes work even more hard to prove themselves.

But this does not create champions but it only puts a lot of burden on school children. Childhood is a time when kids grow and become mature. Their mental and physical level grows and they are able to learn and explore new things during that time. But in schools a huge pressure of studies and work are put on children. And they only study in schools. Schools, especially, private schools follow a particular curriculum and a well defined pattern as according to various institutions or boards like CBSE, ICSE, etc. This puts an immense pressure on schools which have to complete the syllabus on time, and ultimately leading to undue pressure on children. This sometimes create a negative impact on children because they sometimes make themselves so busy that they forget other important things in life like playing, reading other journals and books.