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Mummy please tell me why your tummy's so fat,
I can't find my kitten have you swallowed the cat?
That's my brother in there? yeah that's a maybe,
But your mouth must be huge if you swallowed a baby,
How did he get in there? and how will he get out,
Can I play with him? stick my toys in your mouth?

Won't it mess up his clothes when you eat your food,
What! there's no clothes, are you saying he's nude?
Won't he get cold? how does he cover his willy?
I think you're fibbing, mummy you are so silly,
Was I really in there, five years ago in December?
No... if that had of happened I think I'd remember.

hope this helps u......^_^

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mummys tummm means what??
mind your ow bussines
Hey iam just asking no need to do over actions
I m sorry my big brother answered u so sorry
its okay...