Q Distinguish between:-
a) acute and chronic diseases
b) healthy and disease free person

Q State any two conditions essential for good health?
Q State any two conditions of being free of diseases?
Q Are the answers to the above questions necessarily the same or different?Why?
-class 9 (Why do we fall ill)



Acute Disease
1)Acute disease last for only a short period of time.

2)It is caused randomly.

3)It does not cause major effect on general health.

Chronic Disease
Chronic disease last for a long period of time.

2)it is caused in due course of time.

3) It causes major effect on general health.

Healthy : A person who is disease free and mental, social and  physical well being can be called a healthy person.

Disease free: A person who doesn't have any disease can be called disease free. Disease free doesn't mean healthy.

Ans 1) A person must be disease free.
2) Surroundings should be clean.

Ans 1) A person must take bland and nourished food.
2) A person must take care of personal and community hygiene.

Ans. Yes they are inter-related with each other. A person can be healthy and disease free by keeping the surrounding clean.
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