50 N of force is applied on an object through 5m at an angle of 75°,the body displaces 10 m.Calculate the work done.Give reasonsfor your answer.......

yr pr agar koi hor question khole galat answer thodi naa mille ohnu
Tu hi dede answer .
Kr himmat fer aj
U have 5 minutes..
Challenge accepted .



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please see the attached document ....
2 5 2
then w = fs cos theta ...w=50*5*1 = 250 j 
But the displacement is 10m
but the force is applied only through 5m of distance !!!!
i think Ashutosh should specify the mass of the object .
Danishjoshi111 consider the mass to be 10 kg.and if it is not specified u can take it as a variable......(m)..