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Begin with the simple and easy ones first. 3 hours is really a quite less time to get eight homework done. So, better try to make the best use of this time by avoiding any non-homework related activities. Take someone else's help if possible, to help you in writing. Make it a point not to narrow eight homework to just 3 hours from next time. Try sparing enough amount of time to each homework so that you could learn well with no tension.
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tq for ur ans but it is of no use right now but tq
Start by doing difficult and lengthy homeworks first. So that easy homeworks are left and of you have very little time left , you will have easy homeworks left. Get help in writing or searching anything you need. Focus on your homework only. And try to not do things that are not regarding your homework. And keep all things that you need for your homework near you. So that you don't have to waste time in searching things.
First check which is easy for u do that and which is difficult take some one hepl