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“Brevity is the soul of wit”-William Shakespeare
 Brevity: The quality of expressing much in few words.Another common quality. The message most quotes convey are deserving of pages and pages, but are almost always summed up in a few lines. And how many really great jokes have you heard that go on for more than 4 minutes? Not many.Neither good jokes are long, nor are good quotes. Nor are good speeches.Presentations, Speeches, Quotes, these are all very effective measures to convey messages of immense relevance and importance, to the world. It is not exactly a good idea to make them too long, nor a good idea to make a joke too long, the point is clear.However, Humor and Wisdom do not go hand-in-hand, they go hand-in-glove.This is because humor and wisdom are not exact matches. They can very well exist without each other, and very often do.When there is a presentation tomorrow and no work has been done, the situation is dire and what is required is all hands on deck, more often than not one member will just go on cracking jokes and distracting the entire team from the victory they are so desperate to clutch.There is a group of people in every workplace who will only be laughing around and screaming, not getting any work done and decreasing productivity in general.There are anti-social elements in every city, in every society, who will be seen in groups, laughing, screaming, swearing, and who make the common man afraid for their lives and their families. They laugh, because of humor, but there is no wisdom in their behaviors.These people plague the world, they bully the common man, and snatch his substance, taking away the very essence of his life, and they are eventually crushed. They are not wise. They are fools. And yet, they are the masters of at least some kind of humor.The groups in the workplace play the role of a dead weight in the economy, and are treated such. They have little wisdom in them, but again, are masters of humor.And there are many wise messages that live on, without the use of humor.For example, the poem: “The Road Not Taken”,
isn’t exactly famous for its jokes and puns.
Nor is the Gettysburg Address. But does that mean that they are any less wise, any less relevant today? No.They are very important, and the messages they gave us will be forwarded to the coming generations, in the same format they were first conveyed. Seriously,  Thus, I believe, that the comparison of the hand and the glove is the best. The glove helps the hand and decorates it, similarly wise men use humor to decorate their messages. But the hand is most important- the wisdom is most important. With just the glove, little can be achieved. But with just the hand, a LOT can be achieved.But eternal glory is most easily attainable with both, the hand (Wisdom), and the Glove (Humor).In the end, however, what matters most is the hand, what matters most, is to make wise decisions, not humorous ones.
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