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money is a thing for everyone is running around... as in world today nothing can happen without money.. everyone wants money.... people can do anything for money. as you know people can also give their lives just for a single rupee. even if a shopkeeper gives you a single rupee less you will I think fight for that single rupee. I don't know why god had made money because sometimes due to money there is violence around the world like if somebody steals anybody's money the person can do anything like the person can throw stones or even call the police. 
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Money was originally invented by the man as a common denomination. It was mainly to be used for exchange of goods and to save the earnings in the form of money. In the old days, money was secondary to the value of the man.

But as the time progressed, the value of money increased tremendously and the value of the human being decreased in comparison to money. We need money for buying food and for arranging basic amenities. We need more money for living comfortably.
We need to earn even more money to live luxuriously. We need to earn more money for saving for the safety of ours and of our family members in the future against any calamity.

When we have money, people give us respect in the society. It is important that we earn money and save money too. Earning money in illegal ways can be dangerous in future. So earn money honestly and live happily.
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good morning every one. i am _____________ standing before you to deliver a speech on my topic money. money is the most important thing needed for us because with out it we cannot buy any thing. at that time our livelihood would be nil. money is most important thing for us but it makes the human greedy a lot. the money system is great one by many people try to get greedy and earn money a lot. the money would make any one of us. the money is every thing now - a days for every one. but the money makes us happy to live but even it makes a person in-secure. the money would be important for us but the money makes us a greedy and selfish person and let us become a puppet in its hands. the money is really a kind of good and even a kind of bad. now a days humans are running behind the money for their sake. the money makes a person rich and famous I agree with it but the money even makes the person forget his relation and make him puppet in its hands. thank you every one. to pay your attention towards my speech.

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