Your friend has weak eyesight. he is unable to see the writing on the board but refuse to wear his glasses. as a result he is not able to do well in his
class assignment. discuss with your partner - 1. how you would encourage him to wear glasses.
2. what would you say to convince him.



Hey dude,
wearing glasses now is just as if you are wearing an attitude.
please think that you are adding to your personality as if you
are more concerned about your eyes , health as well.
Nowadays , so many designs are also available of different specs.
why not , go for different frames for different dsys. 
Make your friends envy of your style. and also focus on your studies.

Wish you a stylish look.:)
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1) we can encourage him by saying that wearing glasses suits him well and there is no need to be shame for wearing a glass inside the classroom. 2) say him that it is just our convienience that we have to consider. And metion that quality as a strong point of a real hero
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