As we are living in a world where too many people are starving and wandering for food. If we share a piece of bread and butter or a cup of coffee it will make otherone happy. And the smile which will appear in their face will be your best reward
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 "ANNAM PARABRAHMASWAROOPAM," says our Indian philosophy. This means that food is equal to God as told by our great ancient sayers. But we, their descendents, are we giving the same amount of respect to this age-old God? Frankly, most of us do not. Result: Millions of our fellowbeings are dying in hunger when millions of tons of food is being thrown away, wasted, discarded, whatever; for no good reason most of the times. Other times there are a few good complications because of which food is wasted. Except for them, this is a very simple problem with colossal possibilities of simple solutions. In brief it is "Don't waste food; Give it to others."                   Wasting food is not good for anyone in anyway-to the economy, to the environment or to our own ethical justification. So if things are going wrong, we have to put them on the right track and so first we have to do fault-finding. Here we go- The basic reason behind this is degradation of ethics in men irrespective of caste, colour, creed, race ,region and religion.Scientific Inventions are creating plenty but commercial conventions are creating scarcity. Production units have become partly destruction units. Civilisation is moving forward-only to say but our values are actually moving backward. Frankly telling, there are lot of justifiable and unjustifiable reasons behind the above citations. No one can and should be blamed wholly for disrespecting this living God.  
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