School is a place of learning. We all are familiar with the fact that school is a temple and we ought to remain discipline and follow all the rules strictly. To make a school a happy place' you should be a little friendly with all your teachers and establish a cool relation with your friends. Secondly you should develop an interest in studies which will encourage you to go to school and you will feel it to be a happy place.
Like everyone knows that our pm has also started a program called swatch Bharat abhiyaan so firstly we should not throw garbage in the school like when we sharp a pencil many of the childrens throw the pencils waste in the classrooms many of the children's celebrate birthdays in school we ate chocolates and we throw the wrapper over there we should not dis obey our teachers and the students who are younger and elder then us we should not harm anyone in the school like we should not fight not use we should not use abusing language etc.we should always follow our schools rules and then we can make our school a happy place ...there are many more things we should follow because school is like a temple.. a place where we always learn good things we should even help each other in every situation.. by this our school will be a happy place