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.I read once that no history of anything will ever contain more than it leaves out. It’s true. People have tried, can try, and will try again. But it’s true.So I’ve got this big vacant stage with History. I suppose this stage, as it is now, will be History too soon enough. And my dirt and holes and scratches and marks, the words that I say and the space that I take up, will be broken down and gone over with a fat brush, and they’ll say, “Wow, that stage was dirty,” or “Look at this big, empty stage I’ve got all to myself.”And now I’ve got less than two minutes all to myself on this stage, which is hardly enough time to explain. But time’s like that, you know? You breathe in and you live and you love and you fight and fight hard to live and love as much as you can in the time you’ve got—then you breathe out.