Every year you & your classmates discard notebooks and textbooks that are unused or in good condition,you plan to collect and donate these, so they can be reused. discuss with your partner--
-how you would like to implement you idea and what challenges you are likely to face.



I implement the idea, we can create a group with our friends and at before summer holidays ask people to give the their notebooks if they want to give and donate it to the orphange or when there is a school pupil leader election when the leaders campaign in your class tell this idea to him or tell it to your school principal
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Some of ur frnds and u waste ur new or unused notebooks as we know that the literacy rate in India is very low and as u waste ur books and notebooks u can help ur frnds who can't buy books or notebooks by giving them ur old or new books or notebooks which u do not use and can also give to poor people and help people to become useful for our nation also who are once an acit for our nation and help in developing our country also....
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