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The countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Libya are including provisions in their constitution and are time and again editing it to ensure that the rights of its citizens are safe guarded. They are making all necessary changes to ensure a total democracy. Libya,Egypt,Nepal,Nigeria and Bhutan

The reason why above mentioned countries adopted democracy because:-
1.People are allowed to criticize the government.
2.People choose their own own government.
3.Freedom of press is granted.

1) Royal families ruled in Nepal, Bhutan while Egypt, Libya were under military rule which suppressed the people of their rights, and discriminated them on grounds of religion, caste, community, etc 

2) On the wake of democracy, people felt that they were humiliated by their rulers and rose in protests against them. This made the rulers awaken and they tried to implement democratic ideals 

3) Protests and hesitance of people to adopt to democratic norms might be the delay of the above countries in adopting democracy